A timeless aesthetic for a timeless product


Rolls-Royce’s handmade Cellarettes are almost as coveted as their cars. An object that defies description, a Cellarette is a portable bar-meets-humidor, crafted from the same materials you’ll find inside a Rolls-Royce car interior, with space for stiff drinks, cigars, tumblers and other paraphernalia. Only a handful are produced each year, and offered to the company’s most valued VIP clients.

We were asked to photograph the Cellarette, art directing hero assets to launch the product and introduce it to Rolls-Royce clients for the first time. The visual style requested was to be timeless and elegant, reinforcing the Cellarette’s luxury credentials. We created a set that felt suitably dark and indulgent, and, with photographer Tom Bunning, produced a suite of campaign images that Rolls-Royce have used globally for several years.

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[art direction]